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Building Decree 2012

The Building Decree 2012 will come into force on either 1 April or 1 July 2012. A new feature of this Decree (article 5.9) is that it covers the sustainability of building materials:

Article 5.9 of the Building Decree 2012 on sustainable building (translated example).

This article specifically requires data on the CO2emission and the depletion of resources due to construction materials used in the building. This applies to residential buildings and office buildings with an area > 100 m2.

The amounts of greenhouse gases emitted and depletion of resources must be determined using the Environmental Performance Determination Method for Buildings and Civil Engineering Works (March 31, 2010).

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Building Decree 2012: the changes relating to sustainability in construction

As with the Building Decree 2003, Building Decree 2012 focuses on the sustainability of the interior environment, and particularly the advancement of energy efficiency in buildings. In contrast with its predecessor, the new regulations have greater significance for the outdoor environment, including the environmental performance of buildings (as briefly outlined above) and the obligatory separation of construction and demolition waste. This Internet site explains the main changes in Building Decree 2012 that impact sustainability in construction (and in buildings):

  • Determination of environmental performance of buildings and civil engineering works.
  • The compulsory separation of construction and demolition waste.
  • The tightening of thermal insulation limits.
  • The introduction of energy requirements on an area basis.
  • Limiting the noise levels of climate control equipment.

• With thanks to Dr M. Overveld (Van Overveld Consulting Engineers).

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