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ENDIS office concept (Architects: Van Hoogmoed Architecten, Deltastaal and others).

Designers like to determine the main design factors that will lead to a sustainable design at an early stage of a project. This website offers suggestions for each building type.

  • office building For the sustainable office there is the recently developed ENDIS concept: EnergieNeutraal en Duurzaam In Staal (Energy Neutral and Sustainable in Steel). The basis of the concept is a steel frame with wood and steel floors. A coherent series of passive and active measures are taken to minimise energy use in the use phase of the ENDIS building,
  • residential building The basis of this concept is a study by Bauforum Stahl in Düsseldorf. The concept covers architectural, installation and structural aspects. Three different stability systems have been devised for the main steel load-bearing structure (core, wind bracing, and frame), each in two variants. Steel use is examined for all six variants.
  • supermarket A design guideline for an energy-neutral supermarket that comes from the British Constructional Steelwork Association's study project, Target Zero. The guideline presents the effects of energy-saving measures and energy-generating techniques on the reduction of building-related CO2 emissions (carbon footprint).
  • distribution centre A design guideline from Target Zero for an energy-neutral distribution centre. This guideline also calculates the effect of energy saving measures and energy-generating techniques on the reduction of building-related emissions of CO2 (carbon footprint).

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