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Local energy performance

The Building Decree 2012 designates NEN 7120 and NVN 7125 for the calculation of energy performance requirements. The NVN provides a method of assessing the integrated energy performance of a building and that of (collective) measures taken outside the building. Examples of such local measures are district heating, combined heat and power installations, collective heat pumps, solar cells or a series of wind turbines.

The following requirements relate to the application of NVN 7125:

  • EPCusi or EyTot, calculated according to NVN 7125 may not exceed: EPCreg;nb;usi or Ep;admin;nb;usi;
  • EPCusi or EpTot, calculated according to NVN 7120 may not exceed: 1,33 x EPCreg;nb;usi or 1,33 x Ep;admin;nb;usi.

The second requirement operates as a safety net to prevent particularly favourable area regulations resulting in buildings that have an intrinsically poor energy performance.

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